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Our Process


We provide a pre-qualification based on the automated underwriting findings and any lender overlays. We’ll also present to the client multiple options and make recommendations for the best fit given their goals.


When the property is identified we update the findings and begin the collection of required documents from the client – income, assets, etc. We typically will order the appraisal at this point to make sure we maximize our time available to closing.


When all the client documents are collected an underwriter issues the conditional approval. We will then reach out to the client to confirm:


  • Any additional documents required for underwriting

  • Homeowner’s Insurance finalized

  • Estimated Funds to Close

  • Confirmation of the Closing Agent and Location


We work the loan every day to execute on the required closing date. We formally check in with you and the client on milestones of 10 days, 7 days and 5 days out from the closing date.


We confirm all the final closing figures 24 hours in advance with you and the buyer.

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