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FAQ: Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

FAQ: "I’m trying to choose between two real estate agents. One agent works for a large agency, while the other works for a small one. Does the company they work for really matter?"

Much like your choice in a mortgage professional, the real estate agency/brokerage is important, but it’s not necessarily a question of how large or how small the agency is. As with any company or service, a brokerage should be judged on its reputation, trustworthiness and track record; the number of people they employ or how many offices they have or whether they’re a small “family” agency may not be a reflection of how good or bad the company is.

Before you decide on which agent you’re going to go with, you should definitely do a little research on the agencies that back them. Talk to people who have recently done business with the agencies and check with the Better Business Bureau to see how they rate. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for referrals from the brokerages as well as from your potential agents.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing between your two agents, the quality of the agency they work for may be the deciding factor. Of course, in the end, you’ll be working with your particular real estate agent—rather than directly with the agency they work for—so make sure you choose an agent who is knowledgeable, experienced and is attuned to your specific needs.

For 25 years, Omega Financial has been serving mortgage clients in Massachusetts. Our brokers have more than 60 years in the mortgage business. You always will receive fast, courteous, and accurate information. Omega Financial, Inc. is a company duly licensed to operate in Massachusetts as a Mortgage Brokerage. They are located in the Town of Norwood, Massachusetts where they have been operating as Omega Financial Incorporated since 1988. Licensed by the Commissioner of Banks - License No. MB2671

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