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...And How to Sell a Home in the Fall Months

Much like buying a home in the fall, selling a home in the fall is similar to selling at any other time of year. However, the current season and market conditions for sellers in the fall often have more of an impact on sellers than buyers.

With that in mind, let’s look at what it takes to sell your home in the fall months:

First and foremost, there are several tasks you’ll need to complete to get your home ready to sell. These tasks are the same tasks you’d need to complete if you were selling during any other season and will include:

• Hiring your real estate agent.

• Getting a pre-listing inspection.

• Making any needed upgrades.

• Making any needed repairs.

• Cleaning your home 100%.

• Staging your home, if needed.

• Improving your home’s curb appeal.

Speaking of curb appeal, this is the one area that may very well be affected by the current season, especially in areas of the country where changes in seasons are more pronounced. Fall sellers won’t have the lush foliage of the spring and summer that helps a home’s curb appeal. Although most potential buyers this time of year will understand if your front lawn is a little brown and if your trees are bare, you can increase your home’s curb appeal with blooming plants that thrive in the fall and making sure that you remove any leaves, branches and other debris from your yard on a regular basis.

When it comes to the intangibles of market conditions, selling your home in the fall may be a little bit trickier than selling in the spring or summer. As mentioned previously, the fall housing market tends to shift in favor of buyers—in terms of buyer competition, inventory and concessions—but if you’re aware of the current conditions and are a little more aggressive in terms of marketing and price, you should have no problems selling your home. The fall months are where your real estate agent’s experience and knowledge will be paramount, as they’ll be able to accurately assess the current market in your particular area—and then take the necessary steps to make sure your home sells as quickly as possible with a minimum number of concessions. As with buying, if you’re considering selling this fall, it’s critical to hire a real estate agent who knows the best practices for selling and understands market conditions in the fall.

This fall, whether you’re buying or selling—or both—keep in mind that all real estate is extremely local and you just may have a better buying or selling experience during the fall than during the hot seasons of spring and summer.

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