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The Rise of Multi-Generational Homes

Over the past decade or two, a new trend has emerged in housing: multi-generational homes. If you’re planning on buying a home in the near future—or selling your current home at some point—homes designed for multi-generational living is something you should be aware of.

What Is Multi-Generational Housing? As the name implies, a multi-generational home is a home that is specifically designed to accommodate multiple generations of the same family. There are plenty of different combinations of generations that could comprise a multi-family home. For example, it could be a home with parents, grandparents—or even great-grandparents—all living together or a home with children and their families returning to “the nest” to live with their parents.

How it’s Different Than Other Types of Housing. In general, a multi-generational home will have more total living space, whether it simply has more bedrooms and bathrooms or has a separate living area with a separate entrance—or even a detached dwelling on the same property. Characteristics of a multi-generational home may include a first-floor bedroom, a small kitchenette separate from the main kitchen, multi-use (and multi-adaptable) rooms, more open interiors, wider doors and hallways, and more accessible features.

Financing a Multi-Generational Home. With more square footage in a multi-generational home, the cost of a mortgage may be higher. However, with multi-generational homes becoming more popular, most lenders now offer mortgage products designed for this type of housing. Your lender may suggest an FHA loan or a VA loan or another program such as Fannie Mae’s “extended income household” (EIH) loan, which may be well-suited for this type of home. If you’re considering a multi-generational home purchase, talk to your mortgage professional.

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