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Using Your Own Agent for a New Construction Purchase

If you’re considering purchasing a new construction home, one important thing that you’ll need to consider is whether or not to hire your own real estate agent. Although home builders do have on-site sales agents who are certainly qualified to help you through the purchase process, hiring your own agent is almost always a good idea. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your agent works for you, not for the builder. Since buying a home is a major investment, you’ll want someone who is on your side and who is looking out for your interests, rather than the builder’s interests.

  • Your agent can help you select the building lot and other options. Lot location and home amenities will have a great impact on resale value and your agent can steer you in the right direction in these areas.

  • Not using an agent will not save you money. Builders pay the buyer’s agent’s fees, so why not take advantage of having that professional and independent representation?

  • Your agent can help you with other new construction options. If you don’t find what you like in a particular development, your agent can provide you with new home construction options elsewhere.

  • Your agent can help you with other financing options. Likewise, if the builder’s preferred or in-house lender doesn’t offer you the best deal, your agent will have several other options that they can recommend.

  • They can negotiate builder-specific options for you. Most builders offer a wide range of options and upgrades. When the time comes, your real estate agent will be able to negotiate these options with the builder.

  • A builder’s contract is very different than a standard home purchase contract. A builder’s sales agent will certainly understand all of the intricacies and quirks of the builder’s contract—will you?

  • Your agent will keep tabs on the construction process. Since your agent will be working for you during the construction process, they can make sure that construction deadlines are met and any problems are addressed.

  • A licensed real estate agent has clout. Your agent has the backing of an agency or brokerage and this gives them extra clout with a builder. Running afoul of an agent could hurt a builder’s business in the long run.

Of course, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss using the builder’s agent just because they’re not “your” agent; you may be comfortable with their knowledge of the new homes and their experience with the builder. While it’s certainly acceptable to use the builder’s agent, keep in mind that your agent will work for you—and only you.

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