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What it Takes to Get In Your Dream Home

For a lot of people, the number one excuse for not buying a home is that it’s not affordable. However, when all of the costs of buying and owning a home are broken down, you can see that it’s much more manageable—and much more affordable.

Your Down Payment: Although your down payment may be one of the largest expenses in the homebuying process, getting a loan with a low down payment requirement is easier today than it’s ever been. Of course, the amount you’ll need to put down will depend on many different factors, but you should be aware that there are plenty of low- and no-down payment loans available.

Costs Associated With a New Mortgage: Closing costs are a necessary evil, but they’ll only be a small percentage of the total amount of your loan. Also, you may be able to roll those costs directly into your loan and pay them off throughout the life of the loan. Although there are some situations where you can’t roll your closing costs into your loan, it is widely available for most new mortgages.

Relocation and Furnishing Costs: Both of these costs can vary widely depending on several factors including how far you need to move, how many possessions you have, if you’re moving to a larger home, and if you need new furnishings or not. However, these costs can be budgeted for ahead of time and you can start saving up for these expenses long before your actual move into your new home.

Ongoing Homeowner Expenses: Likewise, you can budget for ongoing homeowner expenses, although the amount you’ll need for such costs will depend on the type and size of home you buy, as well as other factors such as the area you buy in—warm or cold climate, expensive or inexpensive neighborhood, etc.—and the age and condition of your new home.

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